Time to Rest

Time to rest now…

Happy Eid!

Your Perfect Movie Chips

Now you have a better option for your movie snack. Blueboots Farm’s Mixed Chips are available at Flix Cinema PIK! Yay!

Shop’s on Holiday

Our shop will be closed until 4 July 2017.

Blueboots Farm at Artisans Market

Blueboots Farm’s products are at Artisans Market from 12-18 June 2017. You can find our peanut butter at the event 🙂

Artisans Market
12-18 June 2017
Maxx Box
Lippo Village Karawaci

What’s Cooking?

We are never not passionate about perfecting our house recipes. Blueboots Farm’s Peanut Butter is one of our bestsellers that we keep on developing. What do you think of our peanut butter? Shoot us an email if you have any thoughts 🙂

Have You Thought About Giving?

You can still order our Hantaran if you are thinking of someone special this Eid. Your family, friends or colleagues will be pleased with this curated Hantaran.
Go to our Shop now and place your order for delivery before Eid.

The Jars of Hantaran

In our curated Hantaran, there are special jars that our friends and us made especially for this Eid. You will find a yummy Strawberries & Jackfruit jam, a smooth Bluepea & Lemongrass jam, a decadent Pandan cookies and crispy Pineapple crisps.

Tomorrow is the last day for ordering our Hantaran, but you can quickly place your order now on our Shop section.

A Blueboots Spread for Sahur

Not sure about what you want for sahur? Stock some of our peanut butter for uncertain times. Spreadable on toast, mix it with oatmeal or incorporate it into your smoothie. Blueboots Farm’s peanut butter is versatile and comes in two types, crunchy and creamy. Head to our Shop to order now!