What am I?

Help us to identify this plant, please? Some people told us it is a Singkong Medan variety, but we haven’t tried it ourselves. It is said that the leaves have a crunchier texture than normal cassava leaves. Has anyone tried it before?

Just a Typical Day at The Farm

A normal day at the farm… The farmers are working on the land, we would walk around the farm to see if there is any interesting progress and most likely there would be a review meeting later on this afternoon. Just a typical day at Blueboots Farm!

Available at Ecozest

Blueboots Farm’s Peanut Butter is now available at Ecozest. You can go to their website www.ecozest.id or head to their shop in Lippo Mall Kemang. Ecozest has a great range of organic products from food to baby products, so make sure that you browse their full range of products!

The One Thing You Need to Know About Watering Your Plant

The one thing you need to know about watering your plants is never water when the sun high up in the sky! The water you give to the soil will not effectively be taken in by the plants as the heat of the sun will evaporate the water given at a fast rate. Also, the evaporation of water sprayed in on the leaves will cause some leaves to get burnt and turn black.

P.S. Best to water before 7AM and after 4PM

Getting Excited for Open Farm: Peanuts

Getting excited for our first ever Open Farm event!

Vanilla Moringa Smoothie

2 frozen bananas
1 cup milk
1 tsp moringa powder
Vanilla bean
A handful of ice


  1. Simply blend everything together to make this yummy smoothie.

A Wild Valentine

Why not incorporating some wild flowers into your Valentine’s day bouquet? Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Open Farm: Peanuts

Keen to experience a day at a farm? Come join Blueboots Open Farm event where we reconnect with nature and experience a day as a farmer. The first event of its kind at Blueboots Farm, which will explore deeply about peanuts from its planting to harvesting process. Contact samantha@blueboots.farm for more details.

Reminiscing Our Seasonal Product

Once in awhile, we like to explore new possibilities with the produces that we have at the farm. If you remember from last year, we have been turning our fresh nutmeg into beautiful Nutmeg Chutney. Have you ever tasted our Nutmeg Chutney? If you did, how was it? Should we do more of it when the nutmeg is in season?

Photo by Dicky Lesmana.