The “Tumpang Sari” Story

Planting different plants together does not only look pretty but finding the right combination of plants to plant together might just be the solution for a hassle-free garden. The right combination of different plants that is beneficial to each other is called companion planting.

Companion planting is a way of growing different types of plants with the idea that they will assist one another in useful way such as enhancing flavor, fixing nitrogen, deter pests, attract beneficial insects and improving growth.

Few tips we have observed that we would love to share:

  • Never plant plants of the same family together. For example chilli and tomatoes. This will ensure lesser risk for plant infection.
  • Plant legumes together with nitrogen-loving plants such as corn, tomatoes, chillis (plants that bears fruits). Legumes will help supply nitrogen to the soil to feed its nitrogen-loving companion plant. For example peanuts and corn are perfect to plant together.
  • Plant marigolds around many vegetables and especially tomatoes. This will kill root knot nematodes and marigolds give off a smell that deter pests.
  • Spinach and eggplants are somehow always compatible.

The lists goes on… As Blueboots experiments with more companion planting, we will be able to add more to this list we cannot wait to share more. Happy planting!

Pretty Not, Useful Yes Nodules

Peanut is not a strange plant to us anymore. It is one of the best growing plants in Blueboots Farm and we have always them stocked for our ever-popular peanut butter.

Classified as both grain and legume, peanut is known for its nitrogen-fixing bacteria in its root nodules. What’s so unique about this is that the nodules contain symbiotic bacteria called rhizobia, which captures nitrogen gas from the atmosphere and convert it into ammonia. This is then assimilated into amino acids, nucleotides and other things such as vitamins.

Could you see the round bits along the roots? Those are the nodules!

Peanut is great to be planted in our farm, because it provides the soil with the necessary nitrogen which makes it naturally fertile especially for the next plant growing there.    

Jalur Rempah

Join us this weekend at Gedung Olveh as we bring you the best of Blueboots Farm goodness! We will be at bazaar Jalur Rempah from 10 AM – 6 PM this weekend. See you there!


Jalur Rempah
Gedung Olveh – Sarasvati
29 – 30 October 2016
10 AM – 6 PM

From Yesterday

Yesterday, we woke up earlier than we usually do because we were having some guests at Blueboots Farm. It was a part of Farmseries01, where people gather to understand more about organic farming, its process, values and stories. We were honoured to have some of our closest friends to join us last Sunday at the farm. More stories to come, but here’s a shot of our daikon harvest by @rassinarika.

What is It With Blueboots Farm Name?

When starting a venture, picking the perfect name is definitely one of the challenges. A name shall represent the venture’s values, characters and objectives. When we were trying to come up with a name for the farm, to be honest, we didn’t have much a problem. We didn’t think too much of it actually!

If you have been following our journal for a while, you will be able to guess where our name derives from.

Yes! It comes from our boots at the farm! So the story was… When we were about to begin working on the farm about two years ago, Samantha’s mom bought her a pair of boots. The kind of boots that will survive all kinds of weather, any soil condition and won’t go fussy on you in any circumstances. They are simply the perfect pair of boots. And of course, they are blue. From there we decided that we should name the farm Blueboots Farm.

Those pair of boots still survive through all the journey they have been through and they are a living witness of the farm’s progress. After all the challenges we have at the farm, it’s comforting to know that at least we have a pair of boots that we can count on. Long live Blueboots Farm!


Yum-yum Bazaar

Edamame milk, root chips? Yes!


It’s time for us to meet again at Blueboots Event. Tomorrow, we will be present at Yum-yum Bazaar in Gandaria Heights Apartment to meet you. If you live around the area, please do come and say hi! We will have some rosella jam, which is perfect to be paired with cheese and cracker; root chips, the perfect snacking chips; our seasonal product edamame milk; and of course everyone’s favourite: crunchy peanut butter. Starting from 9AM up till 12PM, we are sure this Friday morning will not be so dull! See you then.


Yum-yum Bazaar
Friday, 21 October 2016
9AM – 12PM
Function Room
Gandaria Heights Apartment

Harvesting … (Can You Guess?)

This week, we are lucky to be able to harvest some of our crops. Would you be able to guess what we are harvesting this week? Their beans are used for Asian dishes, both sweet and savoury. In Indonesia, the beans are used in ice drinks, porridge or as a filling for bakpia. Drum roll please… It’s the mung bean!


Thank You Note

Today’s thank you note is dedicated to those who have contributed their parts to the journey of Blueboots Farm. Here goes the list.


To our farmers,

Thank you for always waking up early in the morning and making sure that the farm is well-taken care of. What will we do without you.


To the wives of our farmers,

Who are always making sure that their husband is well-fed, for turning the fresh produce at the farm into delicious meals, for making treats for us at the farm and even helping us to harvest our crops just when we need those extra hands.


To our photographer,

Most of the beautiful photos you see on Blueboots Farm was taken by this man. Just looking at the pictures make us feel like we are in the middle of the farm. Always heart-warming and honest, his pictures tell a thousand words about Blueboots Farm.


To the young guns,

We love our fellow makers, thinkers and innovators because they make us feel like we are in a similar journey! Everyone is making their own way but we are glad that we have a great support group who always supports each other.
Thank you.

Peanut Skinny Dip

There are some days we feel like it’s a good day for something healthy. Especially after a guilty day eating those greasy oily street food. This recipe is a simple cure for something refreshing in the morning or a fresh snack in the afternoon. It’s a nutritious dip with some apples, celery stick, carrots or pretzels, we’d like to call Peanut Skinny Dip.
1 cup plain yogurt
3 tbsp Blueboots Farm peanut butter
1 tsp honey / maple syrup (skip if you use vanilla yogurt instead)
Choice of veggies or fruits, cut
Combine and mix all three ingredients (the easiest way is in a blender, or you can merely mix in a bowl)
Dunk your favourite veggies or fruits into the dip!

Blueboots Farm at Trade Expo Indonesia

Dear all!

Blueboots Farm will be selling our Crunchy Peanut Butter at Trade Expo Indonesia from 12 – 16 October 2016. Our products will be available at Javara Indonesia booth located in Hall C No C2 – 205.

Trade Expo Indonesia
Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran
at Javara Indonesia Booth
Hall C No C2 -205
12 – 16 October 2016